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Video Conferencing For Businesses

The parents and the grandparents of those born in the baby-boomers era, probably have a real hare time comprehending what they see nowadays. Growing up, they were not exposed to such things as computers, mp3 players and flat screen televisions.

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What do you think your grandmother would think if you told her you could look at and see and talk to people in a distant country without physically being there? Communication has taken a giant leap. Even if you were not born way back then, you may have not experienced what is called video conferencing.

Communicating via video conferencing, also known as telepresence, web video, online meetings or video webinars, allows people to have a meeting in separate places without actual physical contact. Designed mainly for businesses to hold business meetings, this type of communication is very economical. Furthermore, this type of communication saves business a lot of time and money. Just when we thought we were ahead in technology, meeting online, video conferencing has changed even more.

Businesses no longer have to download and install expensive software. It's really amazing how a desktop computer can now be a meeting place where everyone can actually be in their own comfort zone. Businesses will no longer have to download and install expensive software. It's really amazing what can be accomplished using a computer.

The video conferencing technique actually goes way back to the time when Nassau launched its first satellite. Have you ever wondered what NASA was really doing up there in space? I’m sure we all have at some point and time. There was time people thought that man was going a little too far with this going back and forth into space.

Back then we had the slightest idea what was video conferencing was all about. Communication was being fine tuned by using trial and error as our bases of understanding how to better communicate.

As far back as the 1980's digital telephony transmissions systems were in use. The equipment used in those days, as mentioned earlier, was very expensive. It wasn't until the 90's that video conferencing really come into existence. Once it arrived its popularity exploded. Many free services, software and web plug-in were available.

Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and many other free services introduced low quality video teleconferencing. Digital compression of audio and video streams in real time is actually the core of technology.

This means of communication is here to stay but it won't stay the same very long. Constant change in video conferencing is inevitable.

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Real Life Uses For Video Conferencing in the Corporate World

By Vince Armstrong
There have been significant changes in the world of communication. Long gone are the days when it took many months or years to communicate by way of mail from one side of the world to the next; gone also are the days when communicating on the telephone meant one could not see the party to whom one was speaking unless they were in the same building or nearby. The birth of video conferencing in the 1950s and its subsequent take off in the 1990s has removed the barriers of time and space to artificially create an environment in which parties wishing to communicate can see each other and simulate the experience of being in the same room.

The Dawn of Live Video Conferencing

By Douglas B. Gentry
There was a time when telephones where a major technological feat. It was a marvel of technology that allowed people to connect over great distances. Now people don't just talk on the phone anymore; texting, downloading files, and internet searches can all be done from a standard mobile phone. It seems almost every month; a new technology is introduced onto the market. If you are using you mobile device to only make phone call, you are an "out mode".

Video Conferencing Solutions

By Tom Cruz
Large and small businesses utilize the benefits of conferencing solutions. Nowadays, three types of conferencing solutions are utilized: Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing.

Choosing The Right Video Conferencing Equipment

By Jamie Simpson
Decades ago, people often imagined the future to involve ghostlike holograms of our distant neighbors in the home. Although we are not quite there yet, today's world does offer the next best thing: video conferencing! Fortunately for you, this tech's setup requires just a bit more forethought than the simple telephone and can be impressive with the right equipment.

Video Conferencing

By Shakir A.
Video conferencing is the technique of conducting a conference between two or more participants at different sites irrespective of their demographic locations by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. For example, a point-to-point video conferencing system works much like a video telephone, between two people only.

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